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Wall Framing

Steel HQ manufactures load-bearing and non Load-Bering light gauge wall systems.

Our Pre-fabricated wall panels have all the same time and cost-saving benefits as roof trusses. All panels are factory-built in our Chinese manufacturing plant in an indoor environment. Builders provide the construction details of the homes to Steel HQ factory where the building plans are fed into a computer program that designs the wall panels for the homes¡Š specific needs. Steel HQ cut, and screw the units together in our quality-controlled environment that creates a stronger, more durable wall structure.

These are the characteristics of our walls:

  • Residential & Commercial Applications
  • Custom Manufactured
  • Structurally Engineered/Load Bearing
  • Galvanized Cold Formed Steel Members
  • Integrated Features (see list below)
  • Manufactured Precision & Quality
  • Factory Installed Sub-Sheathing
  • Outboard Thermal Insulation Options
  • 100% Compatibility with Standard Finishing Methods & Materials

Wall designs are available to achieve fire, sound transmission and thermal resistance ratings that will exceed any residential or commercial building code requirements. Although Steel HQR walls are lightweight, their remarkable strength is in the engineering design technology. Engineered strengths of walls can vary according to structural requirements. Steel HQ Wall Panel sizes are only restricted to governmental transport regulations and practical handling limits.

Integrated Features

  • Pre-Punched Holes for Mechanical & Electrical Services
  • Insulated Structural Lintels
  • Precise Window Door and Mechanical Rough Openings
  • Built-in Insulated Structural Posts
  • High Strength Cross Bracing
  • Factory installed Uplift Anchors
  • Top of Wall Load Distribution Systems

Sub-Sheathing Solutions

Factory installed sub sheathing examples / applications:

Factory Installed Rigid Polystyrene Insulation Board
-used to achieve a 25% thermal resistance rating on the exterior of steel studs (preventing thermal bridging)
-typically used for on-site face brick installation

Factory Installed OSB
-typically used as a nailer (in conjunction with Rigid Polystyrene Insulation Board) for on-site siding installation
-also used for lateral bracing