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Steel Frames
Through the use of appropriate state of the art technologies, Steel HQ can provide higher added value, accurate and competitively priced .

Steel HQ recent capital investment in a new Chinese manufacturing facility and automated equipment and systems are part of a continuing expansion to meet the global market's current and future needs.

Production Process
All Steel Frames are manufactured and assembled under stringent factory quality control conditions with all of the benefits that off-site fabrication can provide.

Steel HQ utilizes the very latest integrated and automated manufacturing processes to ensure that the tight design tolerances are met accurately and consistently every time, minimising waste, rework and costly site errors.

Utilising data files generated by computer software delivered directly to the factory floor, our state-of-the-art stud and channel roll-form line is able to produce highly accurate components, in sequence and at very high speeds. Each component is fully marked with its unique identity number and is manufactured with features which enhance downstream fabrication and assembly as well as the on-site assembly processes. This ensures reliable, accurate and cost effective panels and floors every time.

Our teams of multi-skilled factory operatives assemble wall and roof panels under tight quality control standards.

Steel HQ flexible lean production minimizes waste throughout the manufacturing processes, resulting in reduced inventories, stock and time delays as the manufacturing schedules are driven principally by the specific daily requirements of site. This ensures that timely deliveries may be maintained throughout the site programme without the need to incur costly storage and stocking costs within the supply chain.