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The Steel-HQ group is a large Chinese based manufacturer of integrated pre-engineered cold rolled steel framing components for the global construction industry.

Steel HQ has its headquarters in Honk Kong and owns, controls and operates offices and distribution operations in America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

We are one of the largest producers of metal framing systems and components in the world. Our ever-expanding product line offers pre-engineered walls, volumetric, modular and structural framing solutions for industrial, commercial, residential, educational, and military projects. The speed and accuracy of our high-tech production lines are unequalled in the industry.


Steel HQ believes leadership is about action. That ¡s why we continually strive to expand our existing markets, develop framing technologies, create value-added systems and introduce countless new products to meet the ever-changing demands of the global building and construction industry.

The corporate social responsibility section sets out how we manage environmental impacts and our relationship with the communities in which we operate.

Who are we?

  • Headquarters based in Hong Kong
  • Manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China , Free Port Bahamas
  • Production capacity 1500 houses per annum
  • Direct sales and full service on-site builder
  • Total staffs including distributiors of 80 in 5 worldwide locations
  • Home installations in China, USA ,Africa & The Grand Bahamas , Sites in Hawaii , Florida & Caribbean

Management Team

  • Daniel Gross – Chairman , Successful businessman in manufacturing and distributions in USA, China & Asia
  • Alan Cheuk – Director and General Manager – Manufacture and Deployment
  • CK Chan - Assistant Engineer, US and Caribbean Operations